Thee Urban Trekker Project

Thee Urban Trekker Project is a homeless ministry founded on March 20th 2013 in Huntington Beach, Ca. by Stevie Ray who is known on the streets as “Thee Urban Trekker”. While currently living on the streets homeless himself, Stevie Ray is writing a survival guide for the homeless. No such book has ever been written before. He has dedicated 22 months of his life to the research and development of the very survival instructions that will be included in the survival guide. This survival guide is not a “how to” guide about getting off the streets, rather, it is a survival guide for the homeless which teaches readers how to maintain themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

While writing the survival guide, Stevie Ray also ministers, witnesses and councils those he meets living on the streets as well as volunteering countless hours at various churches around Orange County that have homeless outreach programs. He has also embarked on mission trips to Mexico since the start of his ministry work. Stevie Ray has been a guest on LA Talk Radio program “Accent ON!” four times sharing his insight and experiences about being homeless while writing his survival guide for the homeless.

Along with his passion for helping those in need, he also holds a passion for photography and writing. Both of which can be seen on his ministry page on Facebook. When completed, this survival guide will be made available for purchase through “sponsor purchasing” by members of churches and the general public. Once purchased, the survival guide can be given to someone in need by the purchaser. By marketing in this way, the survival guide will be available for free to those in need on the streets. Thee Urban Trekker Project runs solely on donations. In order for Stevie Ray to take on such a unique task requires his full-time commitment and dedication. All donations are tax deductible and every dollar donated goes directly towards Thee Urban Trekker Project which helps feed people on the street along with the basic daily essentials needed by Stevie Ray to continue his progress in making this much needed survival guide a reality. The projected timeline to completion of “Thee Urban Trekker Project’s Survival Guide For The Homeless” is February 2015.

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